William Gagliano – Silent Transformations


Silent Transformations is a multi-channel video and sound installation which explores the bi-optic lines of reality and abstraction in relation to the lens by which we view, explore and interact with the landscape through qualitative and quantitative data.

William Gagliano (1988, Columbus, United States) is an interdisciplinary artist who makes video and sound installations. By exploring concepts within the landscape through the lens of the camera, the lines between subjectivity, objectivity and reality are often called into questioned. Gagliano blurs the line between representation and abstraction—investigating our innate curiosity of the natural world while trying to discover our place within it.

His installations question recognizable form through the deconstruction and abstraction of natural forms. The results walk the viewer through imaginary landscapes and concealed realities.
His works examine the relationship between the lens of reality and reality in itself. These works are meant to question the role of our existence and the relationship we have with the natural world. William Gagliano currently lives and works in Los Angeles.