Jules Evens – Cut Happy

Cold Fire – a hand-drawn animation about fragmentation, interruption, nonsense, and error Jules Evens is a musician and visual artist. Through methods of playful analog improvisation and digital experimentation, his work evokes unique sentiments characterized by contradiction: the funny sense of freedom within hopeless pessimism, […]

Arlo Tomecek – Can I Tell You A Secret 

Can I Tell You A Secret invited gallery guests to share their personal secrets in a unique and cathartic experience. Secrets were crystalized and remembered throughout the looped soundscape in the exhibition. Arlo Tomeček asked over 40 people to share their secrets and these secrets […]

Lewis Thompson – Terrain 29

TERRAIN 29 is an interactive installation that pulls the ethereal forces of life and death down to earth. There are two intersecting components: 1.A film made up of several minute-long videos that I captured over the past few months. (i.e., taking a boat to spread my […]

Luisa Pinzon – Páramo Immersion

Inspired by the Páramo ecosystem, a very particular natural area that is found in only 3 countries in the world. It intends to transmit mostly peace and serenity, while at the same time pretends to make some awareness of the human negative impact and destruction. […]

Gen Morigami – Eternal Rave

1. You may interact with the MIDI controller (sixteen buttons). 2. The music changes over time. Most notably during different times of the day, starting: 3AM (Early Morning), 6AM (Morning), 12PM (Afternoon), 6PM (Evening), 9PM (Night) Eternal Rave intersects two topics of concern to me: […]

Electroacoustic Seminar – A Mass

What does musical connection look like in the wake of COVID?  What have we lost? A reflection on the past two years of isolation and digitally-mediated interaction, A MASS seeks to explore the impact of isolation through responsive aural and visual elements. A MASS was a collaborative […]

Jack Herscowitz – Intimate Messages

Intimate Messages is an installation for interactive messaging system, sine tones, contact microphone, paper, and yarn, displayed in the CalArts Wave Cave from April 17-23, 2022. The installation was divided into two phases: an interactive phase for audience engagement and a non-interactive fixed phase. I […]

Gemma Castro – SA SA SA

SA SA SA by Gemma Castro 2 Channel Video & Sound Installation Premiered at CalArts WaveCave Feb 13-19, 2022 SA SA SA Gemma Castro (Born California, 1996.) “I made this installation using footage from my phone over the last few years. Uncensored memories of myself, […]

Alex Hawthorn – The Book of Hours

I initially conceived of The Book of Hours after visiting the exhibition, Transcending Time, at the Getty Museum in late 2021. I was drawn to the devotional aspect of the Canonical Hours, specifically: a schedule of daily prayer eight times a day, roughly every three […]

Michaella Moon – Rain Road

Michaella Jung Hyun Moon is a multidisciplinary artist, musician, developer and creative coder. With her background in classical cello performance, she incorporates live acoustical instruments to her extravagant technological performances. Her works involve elements such as sensors, dancers, digital audio processing, live improvised instruments, and […]

Brian Griffith – Networked Daydream

Single Channel Video 2 Channel Audio Max Networked Daydream is a reflection of personal observations taken over the course of this past year. As self-isolation moved from a novelty to normalized, so too have the barriers between days, weeks, and time writ large slowly eroded. […]