Monthly archives of “March 2016

Eric Heep - Red Mitsubishi

Eric Heep – Red Mitsubishi

Mechatronic installation. Eighteen solenoids are affixed to the walls of the space, driven by the use of an Arduino and a custom PCB design. Created for the retirement of the artist’s 2000 Mitsubishi Mirage. Notes are as follows: Early last semester I totaled my car. […]

Martin Velez - Pong Ping

Martin Velez – Pong Ping

Pong Ping is an augmented reality table tennis (Ping-Pong) installation. A Ping-Pong table with 4 contact mics under it and 4 speakers in a quadraphonic configuration will be filling the space. As the participant enters the location he is immediately submersed into an immersive environment generated […]

Brent Javier - Plenum#1: Collective Nature

Brent Javier – Plenum #1: Collective Nature

Collective Nature is a multi-dimensional immersion of both sound and video, which seeks to explore the ideas of the interconnectedness & collective memories we externalize between humans and the world around us via nature, including our intrinsically strong relationship towards the inorganic matter, such as […]