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Thomas Sturm – Everywhere yet nowhere in particular

“The Net is a metaphysical space that mimics our metaphysical experience of the dead as being neither here nor there but somehow everywhere yet nowhere in particular.”(Gibson, 2007). Everywhere yet nowhere in particular explores instances of digital ghosts, infomorphs, and objects left online by people […]

Davy Sumner - Flatline

Davy Sumner – Flatline

Seven transitions into the afterlife (& the accumulations they leave behind) via 5,950 feet of white receipt paper. Each day, an 850 foot roll of paper is slowly fed along a straight plank, towards an impending, unavoidable destruction. Blood, knives, ink, and fire take turns […]

Shaurjya Banerjee – The Death Cube

The Death Cube is a large scale steel kinetic sculpture that attempts to connect materials, movements and tangibility. Shaurjya Banerjee is a creative technologist and kinetic sculptor from Calcutta, India.  The Death Cube was installed in the WaveCave from April 11th to April 18th, 2016

Nathan Villicaña Shaw – Cathode Ray Tubes

Cathode Ray Tubes explores unconventional approaches for human-circuit interaction by eliminating all sensors, buttons, knobs and all other “middle-men” between the circuit and the user. Video feedback loops are created out of four CRT TV’s and four NES knock-off consoles (Retrons). The Retrons circuit boards […]