Monthly archives of “March 2015

Jennifer Ingertila – Her World

Her World is a gallery featuring the collection of pieces called Toy Miniatures: Clock, Truck and Xylophone. The pieces are abstractions of the antique children’s toys they are based upon. The sculptures function as graphic scores, allowing performers to perform a playful interpretation of the […]

James Hurwitz – Illuminate

Illuminate is an exploration in how geometry, light, and sound invokes emotion and creat our reality. Pulsating LEDs illuminate geometric sculptures which invite you to take a closer look and explore the space. As you walk inside the gallery, you are immersed in pure light […]

Devin Ronneberg – Searching…

Searching… seeks to highlight the growing disparity between signal and noise in the digital age and how this disparity has placed a necessary emphasis on searching for the information that we need in the oversaturated digital sphere. In response to the ever increasing amount of […]