Monthly archives of “October 2016

Sam Botstein

Sam Botstein – Cave of Waves

Cave of Waves is an immersive audiovisual installation that integrates long-form experimental audio pieces performed on a modular synthesizer in a single continuos take with audio-reactive projections to evoke a series of surreal aquatic environments.  Samuel Botstein is a composer, performer, and sound and instrument designer based […]

2011002 021122

Danny Hynds – 2011002 021122

2011002 021122 is based on numerical codes and shortwave radio transmissions. Numerals were recorded in several different languages, and then projected from within a tentacled black mass, while an undercurrent of shortwave static played throughout the room. Danny Hynds is a mixed-media artist whose work […]


Narae Kim – Volacus

Volacus (Wishing Pond) is an interactive media installation that depicts the invisible landscape of the mind where your wishes place in. The audiences make wishes and pour water into a pond, and the weight of the wishes create soundscape interacting with audiences. Created by Narae […]


Ian Stahl – Relic/Resonance

Relic/Resonance was an exhibition of overlapping processes. Sam Chen and Ian Stahl began by simultaneously creating visual and musical compositions. By juxtaposing the music and visuals, the performance became a conversation between the composed music, the newly improvised music and the visual predecessors. Both visual and […]


James Anderson – ExtraPerceptualCell

ExtraPerceptualCell is a piece where participants were invited to lie down on a massage table, which was equipped with a VR display. A generative video was shown to the user, which in combination with the relaxation of muscles, provided the illusion of falling or drifting […]