Monthly archives of “April 2015

Elizabeth Aubert – Topography (II)

A gallery sized leather quilt with speakers under it, Topography (II) is an exploration of the inscription of and by bodies. It is the result of anxious female energies. Elizabeth Aubert is an installation artist and composer based in Los Angeles. Topography (II) was installed […]

Mint Park – Matrix Chamber

Matrix Chamber is an interactive sound gallery that instrumentalizes a space with movements and objects. Using bodies and boxes to generate multiple layers of data matrices that alter 16 simple sine and saw waves and 3D visual vector planes, audience can create their own unique […]

Sarah Reid – disonillum

disonillum explores the creation and dissolution of infrathin memory imprints through live interpretation of three-dimensional acrylic graphic scores and longterm degenerative audio processing.   “Infrathin cannot be defined, it can only be experienced: …the warmth of a seat which has just been left …when tobacco […]

Daniel Reyes – Resonant Spectra

‘Resonant Spectra’ consists of two fundamental elements, the instruments, and the sculpture. The instruments are driven by two different sustaining techniques; two through physical contact with felt smoothing discs, and another through magnetic copper coils. Oscillating at a very low frequency, the string instruments rise […]