Monthly archives of “February 2017

The Shortcut Room

Iris Sidikman – The Shortcut Room

The Shortcut Room is an interactive installation exploring the relationship between private and public space. When a viewer sits in one of the chairs, a playback begins of personal journal entries being read aloud, creating a self-conscious and intimate space. Iris Sidikman is a word […]

Colombia Inmarcesible

Martin Velez – Colombia Inmarcesible

Colombia Inmarcesible is an immersive, sound installation that aims to create social awareness about the latest socio-political events that happened in the world, particularly in Colombia. After more than 50 years of civil war between the government and the rebel guerilla FARC, they finally agreed […]

show of pictures on the wall

Parches – show of pictures on the wall

Works by Parches Curated by Amanda Vincelli composer // producer // media artist parches (mexico city, 1989) is an identity within ensō collective. ensō is an alien hypermedia network of artists and designers collaborating in contingency. time travelling this network assembles elements original and appropriated […]