Monthly archives of “March 2019

Roger Kim – The Giraffe

The Giraffe is an immersive experience that uses graphics, text, sound and interactive objects to tell three stories about a magical creature. Roger Kim‘s work investigates the intersections of rhythm, harmony, orchestration, improvisation, and the juxtaposition of various disciplines including music, dance, and visual media. He has […]

Gillian Perry – Subtext

Subtext features a variety of voices repeating the same text. As the words are repeated and manipulated, a multitude of different meanings arise.  Gillian Rae Perry grew up studying music, theatre, and dance. During her undergraduate career, she also studied film. As a result, Perry […]

Brandon Chang – Our Color Green, Part 1

Our Color Green, Part 1 was an installation that took place the week before St. Patrick’s Day in 2019. Based on the notion that everyone associates the color green with different things and that no two peoples’ definition of the color were the same, the installation […]

Rebecca Drapkin – play_

Bondage/Discipline/Dominance/submission/Sadomasochistic (BDSM) activities are not revolutionary practices. The ethics that surround BDSM, including but not limited to enthusiastic consent, pleasure-oriented sex, negotiation of boundaries, and consensual power exchange can appear revolutionary within a culture that demonizes sexual pleasure. play_ presents BDSM in a non-sensationalized manner […]