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Cordey Lopez - Brass Orchids

Cordey Lopez – Brass Orchids

Brass Orchids is a weeklong performance installation emphasizing the role of the body in electronic music. Performances were privately staged and recorded, then publicly displayed the following day. The installation culminated in a final public performance with audience documentation displayed in the days following. Cordey […]

Mike Leisz -

Mike Leisz – is an interactive video feedback system comprised of a camera, projector, lightbulb, and image processing software written by the artist. The system invites users to influence its output by exploring, manipulating, and disrupting its inputs. Moving the lightbulb, flooding the space with external light, […]

Manuel Lima - Red Cube

Manuel Lima – Red Cube

Red Cube is a Clock running 24 hours for seven days. It changes on every five minutes. Manuel Lima is a composer-performer from Brazil, currently based in Los Angeles. Has been developing for the past three years a ‘live cinema’ performance – The Red Light […]