Mint Park – Matrix Chamber


Matrix Chamber is an interactive sound gallery that instrumentalizes a space with movements and objects. Using bodies and boxes to generate multiple layers of data matrices that alter 16 simple sine and saw waves and 3D visual vector planes, audience can create their own unique compositions and leave their human imprint. The exhibition was part of 7 day long realization and recording of collaborative compositions. Selections of the recordings are in progress of being released as an album with log in data that was complied over the time of exhibition. In collaboration with choreographer Kelsey Lanceta, a half an hour of dance performance was created in the space.

Mint Park is an electronic musician and multi-media composer currently residing in Los Angeles. Seoul-born young artist, Mint, works closely with analog synths, digital sound bytes, primitive graphics and, acoustic instruments. Outside of solely sound driven projects, she has actively collaborated with choreographers, filmmakers and visual artist. Mint’s works have been performed and realized in several different locations in Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seoul, South Korea. 

Matrix Chamber was installed in The WaveCave from April 20th to April 27th 2015.