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Ulrich Krieger- Warning

Warning is a multi-channel audio-visual installation that was presented in the WaveCave from December 2nd to December 14th, 2015. WARNING THIS WARNING PROTECTS THE WARNER NOT YOU Are warning labels copyrighted? Is pirating piracy-warnings illegal, a breach of copyright, or not? WARNING THIS WARNING MIGHT […]

Davy Sumner – Radial 56:14

Radial 56:14 is an installation that uses audio transducers to turn large wood and metal sculptures into suspended, vibrating speakers. The low sine tones that pulse through each board are individually guided into (and away from) the resonant frequencies of the wood. Metal rods protruding […]

Laura Steenberge – Beep

For many years, I have been making drawings and using them in performance lectures about linguistic, neuroscientific and historical topics that relate to language and music. With this new collection, Beep, I am for the first time sharing drawings outside the context of a performance. […]

Sofia Canales – Valo Series

This series of films was shot using 16mm film and an intervalometer set to extreme exposure times. Keeping the shutter open for as long as two minutes allowed for nuanced reflections and bouncing light to paint the film with ethereal compositions. Nearly all the images […]

Todd Lerew – cross-fade

In cross-fade, visitors are invited to proceed into the array and towards the back wall. The piece is concerned with longitudinal waves and spheres of radiation, but mostly, it is concerned with balloons and jingle bells. Todd Lerew is a Los Angeles-based artist and composer working with […]

Casey Anderson – Broadcast Gradient

Two different broadcast strategies “fade” across a grid of twenty-five radios, one a amithaba “prayer machine” sent through an FM transmitter, the other simply a mistuned classical music station (KUSC). These sources are arranged on opposite corners and slowly intermingle throughout the grid. Each radio […]

Neelamjit Dhillon – The Last Killing

This interactive sound and video installation highlights the vital role between engagement and understanding. The body acts as a decoding mechanism, enabling the comprehension and transmission of the narratives being presented. The work articulates the role of active participation as the first step in understanding the plights of […]

Meason Wiley – node

node is an immersive interactive real-time installation that focuses on visualizing sound waves through a liquid medium, in this case, water.  When sound is passed through a physical excitatory medium such as water, the relationships between minimum and maximum displacement are made visible and complex patterns […]

Elizabeth Aubert – Topography (II)

A gallery sized leather quilt with speakers under it, Topography (II) is an exploration of the inscription of and by bodies. It is the result of anxious female energies. Elizabeth Aubert is an installation artist and composer based in Los Angeles. Topography (II) was installed […]

Mint Park – Matrix Chamber

Matrix Chamber is an interactive sound gallery that instrumentalizes a space with movements and objects. Using bodies and boxes to generate multiple layers of data matrices that alter 16 simple sine and saw waves and 3D visual vector planes, audience can create their own unique […]

Sarah Reid – disonillum

disonillum explores the creation and dissolution of infrathin memory imprints through live interpretation of three-dimensional acrylic graphic scores and longterm degenerative audio processing.   “Infrathin cannot be defined, it can only be experienced: …the warmth of a seat which has just been left …when tobacco […]