Davy Sumner – Radial 56:14


Radial 56:14 is an installation that uses audio transducers to turn large wood and metal sculptures into suspended, vibrating speakers. The low sine tones that pulse through each board are individually guided into (and away from) the resonant frequencies of the wood. Metal rods protruding from each piece of wood are affixed with sizzles that sympathetically pulsate when a node point is reached at their attaching point—thereby creating complex spectrum of high overtones. The 7 pieces, whose size, design, and position in three-dimensional space are carefully calculated to be parts of a whole, give off the illusion that they are rotating along continuous, spiraling line.

Davy Sumner is a composer, percussionist, sound artist, and educator from Eau Claire, WI and based in Los Angeles, CA.
Davy has performed and created installations for performances at at the wulf. (LA), Automata (LA), REDCAT (LA), The Cedar Cultural Center (MN), Lynden Sculpture Garden (WI), and The Eaux Claires Music and Arts Festival (WI). 
As an arranger and performer, Davy has worked with Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), Mike Noyce (Bon Iver, Aero Flynn), Rob Moose (yMusic, Ben Folds), Sean Carey (S. Carey) Ben Lester (Tallest Man On Earth, Sufjan Stevens), Amy Knoles, Michael Pisaro, Mike Lewis, and BJ Burton.

Radial 56:14 was installed in the WaveCave from November 15th to November 22nd, 2015.