Neelamjit Dhillon – The Last Killing


This interactive sound and video installation highlights the vital role between engagement and understanding. The body acts as a decoding mechanism, enabling the comprehension and transmission of the narratives being presented. The work articulates the role of active participation as the first step in understanding the plights of others and an offers an invitation to engage as active participants in social justice rather than passive bystanders.

International multi-instrumentalist performer-composer Neelamjit Dhillon is a professional musician equally versed in both Eastern and Western traditions. His extensive training in both jazz and classical Indian music gives him a firm rooting in two distinct styles and provides a unique perspective into the universality of music. His latest album Komagata Maru, brings together his diverse musical background to mark the centenary of the Komagata Maru Incident of 1914 in which Indian nationals were barred from Canada and how that event still resonates today. Neelamjit has performed at prestigious festivals and events in locals such as Somaila, Brasil, Canada, India, and the Untitled States and is currently pursuing his doctorate in music at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts.

The Last Killing was installed in The WaveCave from May 11th to May 18th 2015.