Daniel Reyes – Resonant Spectra


‘Resonant Spectra’ consists of two fundamental elements, the instruments, and the sculpture. The instruments are driven by two different sustaining techniques; two through physical contact with felt smoothing discs, and another through magnetic copper coils. Oscillating at a very low frequency, the string instruments rise in pitch very slowly via a servo-mounted tuning peg. The sculpture’s design is based off a Helmholtz formula for a resonating spherical cavity. Each pair of resonators are tuned to a harmonic series of a low E (41hz), then up to the 6th harmonic. The reasoning behind the orientation of each pair of resonators can be explained through acoustic propulsion: when the resonating frequency of a resonator is being produced in a space, a vortex shedding pushes air out of the openings of the resonator, resulting in rotational motion. The goal of this installation is to activate the rotation of the spectral sculpture with the loud frequencies resonating in the room. A subwoofer is placed in the center of the room to help reinforce lower frequencies. In order achieve rotation, levels much reach up to 110db.

Daniel Reyes (Tarzana, 1993) is a sound artist, fabricator, musician, and engineer currently obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Music Technology. Viewed in strictly formal terms, his work is based on intricate machine fabrication and custom software design. Technical aspects aside, the interest of his work lies in visually amplifying human’s perception of physical phenomenas occurring in the sonic world through kinetic sculpture.

Resonant Spectra was installed in The WaveCave from April 6th to April 13th 2015.