Devin Ronneberg – Searching…


Searching… seeks to highlight the growing disparity between signal and noise in the digital age and how this disparity has placed a necessary emphasis on searching for the information that we need in the oversaturated digital sphere. In response to the ever increasing amount of information people are confronted with daily the human brain has started to physically change; out of necessity, we are evolving better filters.

The installation consists of 4 speakers outfitted with sonar proximity sensors, one per corner in the square gallery, each facing the center of the room. As users enter the space they are confronted with noise from all directions. as a user approaces a sound source, the output of that speaker is effected based on the users proximity to it. Through exploration of the space the users directly influence the sonic landscape while gathering unique information from each source.

Special thanks to collaborator Dexter Shepherd for writing the code and helping to make this piece possible.

Devin Ronneberg is a multi-metier artist who incorporates sound, light, space, and programming into his practice in order to explore the depth and intricacies of human perception, uncovering the unique differences in our perception which truly define individuality.

Audio Link – free downloads here
All recordings were taken by “playing” the installation in the space with a Zoom H6 recorder. No post processing was used on any of the recordings. The piece titled “Searching…” is a composite of all of the recordings taken in the space laid on top of one another.

Searching…was installed in The WaveCave from March 2nd to March 9th 2015.