Thomas Sturm – Everywhere yet nowhere in particular


“The Net is a metaphysical space that mimics our metaphysical experience of the dead as being neither here nor there but somehow everywhere yet nowhere in particular.”(Gibson, 2007).

Everywhere yet nowhere in particular explores instances of digital ghosts, infomorphs, and objects left online by people who have died. Three video collages and one sound collage stitch together the remaining bits of these people / infomorphs.

Materials: church pews, wooden boxes, computer monitors, sound.

Thomas Sturm is a composer and sound artist currently living in Los Angeles, California. His work focuses on synthesis, creative coding, improvisation, sound installations, and field recording. Current projects include “The CALO Research Initiative”, a collaboration with Ethan Marks (Trumpet) that creates and explores artificially intelligent computer improvisers, and a series of Micro-operas. Thomas is currently pursuing a MFA in Experimental Sound Practices and Integrated Media at California Institute of the Arts under Ulrich Krieger. He holds a BM in Composition and Theory from Rice University. His past teachers include, Kurt Stallmann, Shih-hui Chen, and Anthony Brandt.

Everywhere yet nowhere in particular was installed in the WaveCave from April 25th to May 2nd, 2016.