Luisa Pinzon – Páramo Immersion


Inspired by the Páramo ecosystem, a very particular natural area that is found in only 3 countries in the world. It intends to transmit mostly peace and serenity, while at the same time pretends to make some awareness of the human negative impact and destruction. An immersive visual environment will be activated when there is an interaction with the photograph frame, projecting a distortion of the original picture placed in the space. The Sound Design is created using granular synthesis processes on original recordings of the natural area. 

What was your principal feeling while you interacted with the installation? Despair? Fear? Sadness? Is there any room for hope? Is there anything that can be done to fight the ongoing processes or do we consciously take a passive stance?. (Critical questions by Lilita Dunska).

Photographs originally taken in Colombia - Páramo de Chingaza by Javier Arcila, an architect and urban designer from Colombia who constantly finds stimulus in his surrounding environment. Having lived both in Australia and his home country has exposed him to diverse manifestations of nature, which he has captured through the lenses of his camera. Inspired by his collection of photographs and experiences, Javier has made Photography a necessary hobby. This has enabled him to venture into different ecosystems, Paramo being one of his favorites.

Photograph interactive frames, built with the help of Christopher Malison, CalArts Alumni MFA in Technical Direction. 

Special thanks to my mentors during the creative and technical process: Tom Leeser, Kai-Luen Liang, Ajay Kapur, Michael Leisz.

Luisa Fernanda Pinzon is a Colombian musician and sound engineer. She describes herself as an interdisciplinary artist that combines her different technical skills to create interactive projects. Although her major experience relies in the audio and sound field, while pursuing her MFA degree at CalArts she has learned and explored the visual digital arts and is always looking for new ways of creating art. She is very interested in the relationship the human being has with nature while also expressing her concern towards the negative impact of the human being on it. 

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