Lewis Thompson – Terrain 29


TERRAIN 29 is an interactive installation that pulls the ethereal forces of life and death down to earth. There are two intersecting components:

1.A film made up of several minute-long videos that I captured over the past few months. (i.e., taking a boat to spread my grandma's ashes, celebrating my sister's bachelorette party, and watching a coyote lay down in Griffith Park.)

2.A rotating office globe nestled in some grass, dirt and stones that, when spun, traverses these moments and outputs manipulated and mangled audio transmissions.

While playing with my friend's rotating paper globe, I was inspired to make this obsolete office item into a generative, real-time A/V controller. While developing the code, I began documenting distinct moments in my life. Inspired by the PC game MYST, I framed my subjects from a first-person perspective to transport the viewer into the scene and allowing them to follow my map of grief, contemplation and joy. The audio is then collected from the video and then chopped, diverged, and overlapped. When the globe spins, the audio and video briefly decouple and then converge when stopped.

Lewis Thompson is an electronic musician, sound designer, and UX designer.    His music showcases a dynamic range from minimal to maximalist, often exploring the connection between movement and shape. Lewis also loves to have fun and create playful, silly beats while simultaneously pushing the boundaries of electronic music.   His expertise in developing concepts informs his creative output, making his art both technically sound and aesthetically captivating.