Gemma Castro – SA SA SA


SA SA SA by Gemma Castro

2 Channel Video & Sound Installation
Premiered at CalArts WaveCave Feb 13-19, 2022

Gemma Castro
(Born California, 1996.)

"I made this installation using footage from my phone
over the last few years. Uncensored memories of myself,
my friends, and my lover. As a daughter of once
undocumented Mexican immigrants, the most potent
moments of my personal life growing up were also the
moments that were most demonized by the white gaze.
Many of the immigrants in my family struggled
physically and emotionally in a country that made it very
clear that they were unwanted. Living under the white
gaze is a spiritual warfare.
The song I chose for this installation is a song I grew up
hearing at family parties. As a child, I could sleep through
this song on full volume, it always played. It was the
soundtrack to so many memories of joy and resilience. It
still is. Growing up this (music, food, images, etc.) was
called ‘chunti’ and never belonged in a dignified place.
Now it does.”


Songs in Order of Appearance:
Amores Perros by Gemma Castro
Costumbres by Rocío Dúrcal
La Mesa Que Más Aplauda by Grupo Climax