Arlo Tomecek – Can I Tell You A Secret 


Can I Tell You A Secret invited gallery guests to share their personal secrets in a unique and cathartic experience. Secrets were crystalized and remembered throughout the looped soundscape in the exhibition. Arlo Tomeček asked over 40 people to share their secrets and these secrets were then translated into granular synthesis. The granular synthesis was then vocaly cloned using generative artificial intelligence. During the performance, approximately fifty individuals were invited to share their secrets through Arlo's Apple Watch which then sent that data wirelessly through OSC and time stretched the audience's secrets to a point of transformation that leads the listener's ear to sounds of water. During the weeklong installation, secret keepers were invited to take a zine, unwind, and watch a beautiful film by collaborator, Drew Gebhardt. After attending "Can I Tell You A Secret" people reported feeling relaxed, connected, and grounded. The installation explored the intersection of vulnerability, trust, and sensory expression. By transforming spoken secrets into an ambient soundscape and visuals, the piece blurs the boundaries between private and public, fostering a collective yet deeply personal experience. Participants became both creators and audience members, contributing to a collective tapestry of human experiences.

Arlo Tomeček, a transdisciplinary artist, weaves creative expression with activism, spanning music technology, dance, choreography, and poetics. With a global showcase of work, including "Controlling the UNcontrollable," Arlo is pursuing a Master’s in Music Technology at the California Institute of the Arts. Their approach seeks to reimagine possibilities in the face of obstacles, inspiring individuals to find power in the powerless, control in the uncontrollable.