Abishek Ramesh – Quantum Entanglement


The installation is largely centered around the idea of ‘place’. As the title suggests, I wondered if there is some unavoidable connection (or pull) between you and your place of birth. What are the effects of that connection when you’re physically placed far, far away?

The images chosen are small in scope, abstracted and the sound is mostly diegetic. The walls echo each other, except one stays plain and the other is heavily processed. Maybe this represents a growing disorientation in memory/how one chooses to remember…but, I’ve always been enamored by using the WaveCave as a space to project video, and it’s a great effect having the walls play off each other.

The order of the main set of videos was chosen by a reoccurring dice roll and along with intermittent splash screens (falsely implying system breakdowns), there were three distinct states the room could exist in.