Marc Nimoy

Marc Nimoy – Windowchimes (2007, revised)


Windowchimes is a previously unseen piece from a series of works exploring the Max/MSP audio programming language itself as the medium. These works are typically non-musical and use elements directly from the programming language as visual components to display geometric patterns, visual animations, and even video games. Windowchimes is a deviation from these pieces in that it does not include any explicit components of the programming language, while also using actual sound.

Each window represents a single chime which sounds upon intersecting with the edge of the screen. The varying speeds and trajectories of the windows yield ever-changing harmonies and patterns of sound or absence of sound. The audio patterns are inspired by summer evenings with gentle breezes.

Materials: Sine waves, the color blue, squares, the operating system.

Marc Nimoy is a musician, programmer, and sound artist currently living in San Pedro, CA with his wife, two sons, and three cats. He received a BA from UCLA in classical guitar performance and a MFA in experimental music composition from CalArts.

His performances and exhibitions include the Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music/STEIM (Amsterdam), Strathmore Performing Arts Center (MA), Dangerous Curve (LA), The World Festival of Sacred Music (LA), The Tank (NY), Sundays Live at LACMA (LA), An die musik (MD), Grand Performances (LA), Microfest (LA), Georgetown University (Washington, DC), and Sea and Space (LA).

Windowchimes (2007, revised) was installed in The WaveCave from November 11th to November 25th, 2014.