Iris Sidikman – The Secret Box


This piece, like much of my work, is an exploration of privacy, comfort, and storytelling. It draws inspiration from both informal secret-telling practices, like gossip and games like “Truth or Dare” as well as formal and ritualized secret-telling in settings like Catholic confession. It also plays with the concept of a secret as something with a tangible form- something you can “give up,” something you can place in a room, something that could fill a box. Indeed, we often assign secrets such importance in our lives. They are things that weigh heavily on us, and things that often feel good to share with someone or something else. This box acts as a stand-in for another person, and a place to share these secrets without judgement. 

Iris Sidikman is a word composer, music author and cellist originally from Madison, WI but now based in the LA area. Her work incorporates spoken and written word with both through-composed and improvised music. Her work is informed by her background in gender studies and takes a self-conscious look at her identity as a woman, as an artist and as a person on Earth in general.

The Secret Box was installed in the WaveCave from September 18th to September 25th, 2017.