Pierre Emmanuel Mariaca – Prepared Harp & Shadow Theater


An interactive installation by Pierre Emmanuel Mariaca, MFA3 in Composition.
Collaborators : Herry Kim, Ruoyi Shi and Dongpu Ling.

This interactive installation is about creating your own experience of artistic composition with three main components : sounds, shadow theater and projected images.
The Sounds
Fishing Lines: Take the powdered resine bowl that is on the table and put it on your thumb and index fingers. Your thumb and index fingers need to be well rosined to get a sound and to prevent those fingers from burning. You are now ready to touch with those fingers the fishing lines attached to the harp and the walls. The fishing lines produce two kinds of sounds :
-the fundamental, created by softly sliding along the fishing line, which is loosely pinched between thumb and index fingers.
-the harmonics, where you don’t pinch the line, but bow it with the line loosely held between your thumb and index fingers.
Short and long sounds are created by bowing for a short or sustained period.

Prepared Harp: Sit on the piano bench and prepare the harp by puting the different items that are on the table on the following way :
-insert the paper between the strings and then play now on those strings -put the alligator clips on the strings and then play now on those strings -put the harp tuning key between two strings and move up and down the tuning key while playing on those strings
-take the fishing line that is on the table and slide it against one string -take the fork or the honey dipper and insert it on a string and make it move

Amplified Harp and Effect Pedals: Create your own electronic sounds by pressing with your feets on the different buttons of the pedals effects that are on the floor.

The shadow theater of your own body moving
While you create your world of sounds with the fishing lines and the prepared and electronic harp, the UV dark lights (on the floor) project against the walls the shadow of your body. Create your own shadow theater by moving your body while you produce your universe of sounds !

The projected images on the wall
Go to the overhead projector that has two pieces of glasses on it. Those glasses are full of a mix of water, mineral oil and colorants and when you press the two glasses together, it create beautiful moving images projected on the wall.

About the artist and his collaborators
Pierre Emmanuel Mariaca : is a Swiss-Canadian composer and multi-instrumentalist based in the Los Angeles area who often collaborates in interdisciplinary projects with dancers, actors and visual artists.
Herry Kim : is an artist based in Seoul and California. With painting and sculpture background, she is now making robotic sculptures and absurd videos. Her main interests are technology, marketing and human interaction.
Ruoyi Shi : is a sculptor and a film maker from China. She studied sculpture in Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA), China. She is interested in how different languages operate in different areas in the world and developing her own narrative.
Dongpu Ling : is a Shanghai-born, Los Angeles-based Intermedia artist. Sparked by a fascination of technology, she explores individual identities, cultural histories and future innovations, using each work as a medium of inspiration and awareness.