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IMUU (Weilu Ge x Kelon Cen) – Bubble Fiction

IMUU (Weilu Ge x Kelon Cen)Abstract: Bubble fiction is an interactive installation. The audience are invited to explore an imaginative and immersive space by following the trace of an interactive “bubble” cube. It uses a webcam and a contact transducer as input devices detecting the […]

Michael Janz – Do Rocks Talk

This installation invites you to attempt to listen and engage with the two large rocks placed inside. Once inside, please take a seat on the cushions facing the rocks. press the “start” button on the interface to begin the exhibit. Feel free to use the […]

Christopher Lock & Weilu Ge – Alchemy

Alchemy is an immersive audio-visual work that chronicles journal entries from an imaginary alchemist at work. Their experiments and notes are documented through sound and image and, in a somewhat nonsensical way, attempt to find answers about the nature and origin of elements and precious […]