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sound as object

Sound as Object Class

The Fall 2014 Sound as Object Integrated Media class presents their end-of-semester installation.The sound installation explores spatial transitions by amplifying and re-amplifying recorded sounds from four unique environments. The hanging cardboard boxes function both as formal representations of space and resonant chambers. This piece is […]

Marc Nimoy

Marc Nimoy – Windowchimes (2007, revised)

Windowchimes is a previously unseen piece from a series of works exploring the Max/MSP audio programming language itself as the medium. These works are typically non-musical and use elements directly from the programming language as visual components to display geometric patterns, visual animations, and even […]

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith – Small Talk

“Little Shits” performing Small Talk. Each hanging device constantly decides between three things: to sustain, to be silent, or to join the pattern. The end result is a continuously transforming conversation. Please enjoy during the day and night. Materials: Bells, vibration motors, nuts, electrical tape, […]

Scott Cazan

Scott Cazan – Successors

Successors uses four independent systems listening to each other (and the room) to produce a single pitch or rhythmic impulse in response. An exploration of evolution and the number 2 with each combination of two pitches folding into a single complex tone or unfolding into 3 […]

Mark Trayle

Mark Trayle – Zephyrs

Zephyrs plays with both material and acoustic phenomena. In the 17th century the English physicist Robert Hooke discovered that particles on a vibrating surface will form nodal patterns related to the frequency of sound propagating through that surface. Similarly, closely tuned high frequency sound waves […]

Liew Niyomkarn

Liew Niyomkarn – Swing

Swing is a sound ensemble sculpture that considers the relationship between momentum and the physicality of sound. Each sculpture has a different sound. Sounds are created from metal, bearings, almonds, tiny scrap metals, marbles, coins, red beans and rice.  There is a particular object in each […]

sound art installations

Cooper Baker – Noctiluca Scintillans

Hanging acrylic tubes containing bead-chain generate acoustic impulses that trigger and control the synthetic sounds present in this piece. Each tube has a contact microphone embedded in its cap, and when a tube is tapped or shaken the vibrations are transmitted to a computer running […]

Clay Chaplin

Clay Chaplin – PiAV

PiAV is a multi-sensory sound installation driven by stochastic processes to create an ever-changing audio-visual experience. The complete system is cross-pollinated: Combinations of pitch-clusters and samples influence the abstracted visual images created from code inspired by traditional analog video feedback techniques. In return, the color […]