Cordey Lopez – Sitting Outside the Pavilion with the Elitist J. Vagushin


A wireless microphone attached to a blade on a rotating fan generates a feedback tone and a flash of light each time the microphone passes a speaker. Custom electronics alter the speed of the fan at irregular intervals.

Ceiling fan, wireless microphone and receiver, speaker, amplifier, piezo disk, electronics, wood, power, clamp.

50 lbs., approximately 42” x 60”

Stories from a WWII veteran at the onset of Alzheimer’s, “The Garden of Time” by JG Ballard, leaves blowing in the gutter.

Lyndon “Cordey” Lopez is interested in the realizations of both sound as abstract, physical form and the artifice of synthesis, thematically, in relation to contemporary dialogues and notions of the “authenticity of reality.” I perform live electronic music under the moniker BABY ASPIRIN DVD, as the self-proclaimed inventor of “dumb IDM (Intelligent Dance Music).” For my future work, I am interested in further exploring the intersection of sound + sculpture and feedback systems of real-time physical modeling synthesis of acoustic spaces.

Sitting Outside the Pavilion with the Elitist J. Vagushin was installed in The WaveCave from February 16th to February 23rd, 2015.