Michael Janz – Do Rocks Talk

This installation invites you to attempt to listen and engage with the two large rocks placed inside. Once inside, please take a seat on the cushions facing the rocks. press the “start” button on the interface to begin the exhibit. Feel free to use the […]

Christopher Lock & Weilu Ge – Alchemy

Alchemy is an immersive audio-visual work that chronicles journal entries from an imaginary alchemist at work. Their experiments and notes are documented through sound and image and, in a somewhat nonsensical way, attempt to find answers about the nature and origin of elements and precious […]

Iris Sidikman – The Secret Box

This piece, like much of my work, is an exploration of privacy, comfort, and storytelling. It draws inspiration from both informal secret-telling practices, like gossip and games like “Truth or Dare” as well as formal and ritualized secret-telling in settings like Catholic confession. It also […]

No Humans Allowed

Nathan Shaw – No Humans Allowed

No Humans Allowed forms a community of automated robotic entities which reside in the gated WaveCave gallery. The robots are xenophobic: reacting to outsiders via paralysis or violence. When the presence of a human is detected, the community’s productivity breaks down as the mechatronic individuals […]

Broke Down Girl

Breana Tavaglione – Broke Down Girl

Broke Down Girl is a dollhouse sound installation which rejects and subverts the objectification of women and girls as dolls.  The dollhouse is prepared with hidden tiny speakers, including 8 pairs of earbuds, one set of headphones, and one intercom speaker.  Each of the speakers […]


Skylar Chen – Solitude

Solitude is a two-channel experimental AR video installation (with a hint of randomness) about our relationship with surveillance. Solitude was installed in the WaveCave from March 6th to March 13th, 2017.

The Shortcut Room

Iris Sidikman – The Shortcut Room

The Shortcut Room is an interactive installation exploring the relationship between private and public space. When a viewer sits in one of the chairs, a playback begins of personal journal entries being read aloud, creating a self-conscious and intimate space. Iris Sidikman is a word […]

Colombia Inmarcesible

Martin Velez – Colombia Inmarcesible

Colombia Inmarcesible is an immersive, sound installation that aims to create social awareness about the latest socio-political events that happened in the world, particularly in Colombia. After more than 50 years of civil war between the government and the rebel guerilla FARC, they finally agreed […]

show of pictures on the wall

Parches – show of pictures on the wall

Works by Parches Curated by Amanda Vincelli composer // producer // media artist parches (mexico city, 1989) is an identity within ensō collective. ensō is an alien hypermedia network of artists and designers collaborating in contingency. time travelling this network assembles elements original and appropriated […]

Fibonacci Microtonal Music

Lilac Atassi – Fibonacci Microtonal Music

The installation consists of a live, audio-visual projection of a Fibonacci-based microtonal composition, served in YouTube. The code generates an infinite flow of sound based on the Fibonacci series. It would take more than 1 million years to hear a repeated group of 5 notes. The video  shows […]

WaveCave Babes

WaveCave Babes

A group show featuring six audio-visual installations by students in the Networked Music Ensemble class taught by Clay Chaplin in the Fall 2016 semester. Thomas Sturm – Marfa Spaceship for Sam (12min) Video and sound college. A recreation of my memory of a night watching […]


Ulrich Krieger – Oberflächen

JI sine tones, surface samples, surface photography, projection, vinyl, sandpaper, bubble wrap, armchair Oberflächen (Surfaces) deals with various aspects and varieties of surface textures, their abstraction and sensuality. It discussed various grades of alienation and abstraction by looking at surfaces from a different point of […]